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Napoleon Bonaparte - "June 17th" (excerpt)

Feature Films - French Dubbing - Recent Projects

Height: 5’9” 

Weight: 175 lbs               

French Native (Permanent US Resident)



June 17th                                         Napoleon Bonaparte       Dir: Nate Riedel

The Escape                                      Michel- Co-Star               Dir: Lavi Shiyun Hu 

The Priceless Wheeler                   Detective- Lead               Dir: Max Civon

R.I.P.                                                 Serge - Co-Star                Dir: Terry Ross

Wedding Hi-jinx                            Newsman- Co-Star         Dir: Terry Ross


Clash Royale                                    Red King                         Supercell

Embraer Legacy 500                     News  Anchor                 Mom and Dad Prods (UK)


Masterkey To Success                  Host/Spokesperson        Pixel Productions (US)

P.O.S.T.                                           Motel Manager               Digital Outpost (US)

Nouvel Emploi                              Host/Spokesperson        AV Productions (France)

Loiret News                                    News Anchor                 AV Productions (France


Feature Films – French dubbing

The Looming Tower                                Alec Baldwin

Wind River                                                Graham Greene

The Last Flag Flying                                Lawrence Fishburne

The Only Living Boy in New York        Jeff Bridges

Race                                                            Jeremy Irons

99 Homes                                                   Michael Shannon

Silver Lining Playbook                            Robert De Niro

The Master                                                 Philippe Seymour-Hoffman

My Week with Marilyn                            Kenneth Branagh

Margin Call                                                Kevin Spacey

The Ides of March                                    George Clooney

The King’s Speech                                    Geoffrey Rush

French Television

Black Belt TV                        Martial Arts Commentator         Canal Sat (France)

Ultimate Journey                  Documentary Narrator          Discovery Channel (France)

Dangerous Drives                 Documentary Narrator         Discovery Channel (France)


ADR/LOOPING: Patriot (Series), Genius:Picasso (Series), Mama Mia II, 15:17 to Paris, Jack Ryan (Series), Papillon, Blacklist, CSI Cyber, The Revenant, The Walk, Rosemary's Baby, X-Men, The Great Gatsby, Life of Pi, Monte Carlo, Killers, The Way


Mark Teschner                 Soap Master Scene Study       TVI Actors Studio – LA

Christy Dooley                 Soap Opera Scene Study         TVI Actors Studio – LA

Zora DeHorter                      Cold Reading Mastery                  TVI Actors Studio – LA

Terry Ross                              Film and TV Scene Study      Acting Professionally – San Diego


SKILLS:  Host, Teleprompter, Ear Prompter, Voiceover, Singer, Vocal Range: Baritone, French Accent, Fluent French, Fluent German, Pilates Trainer, Gyrotonic Trainer, Rugby Coach, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Yoga, Handball, Kayaker, Shooting-Rifle, Licensed Driver.